Cabell-Wayne Association of the Blind


The History of CWAB®


CWAB® was organized on October 9, 1975 when the charter was filed with the state of West Virginia by Charles Harris of Huntington, the found of CWAB®.

The preamble to the bylaws reads in part, “We, the blind of Cabell and Wayne Counties, bind ourselves to the cause of exploring, expanding and exploiting our abilities as free and equal citizens . . . We are the blind speaking for ourselves, relying upon each other for the accomplishment of those goals defined for ourselves by ourselves.”

As it grew, CWAB® began to offer social programs and held fund-raisers so it could provide specialized prescription eyeglasses to needy children and adults.

As more blind and visually impaired residents in the two counties became members, it became apparent that a vital component was missing – integrated services for that population that would be available through a single source.  For that, additional funding was needed.

The means to expand became available in 1979 on the death of retired U.S. Postal Service worker C. J. Teubert of Huntington. In his will, Mr. Teubert directed that the bulk of his estate, with a value of $3 million, be used to “relieve the hardships resulting from blindness.” After several years of litigation over the validity of the hand-written will, the James H. and Alice Teubert Charitable Trust was formed in 1987; it began awarding grants to area agencies in 1988.

In April, 1989, following a detailed needs assessment performed by Marshall University’s School of Medicine, the Services Division component of CWAB® was activated when the Teubert Trust provided initial start-up funding.

Cabell and Wayne County residents, over age 18 with vision of 20/200 or worse in the better eye, may become CWAB® association voting members.  Consumers are not required to be an association member to receive services.  Dues are $2 per year.




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